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Ernst Cassirer on Form and Technology

When: November 20, 2012
What: Symposium
Where: Chalmers Architecture

The Swedish Ernst Cassirer Society arranged a symposium on Ernst Cassirer's philosophy of technology to pay attention to the recently published anthology Ernst Cassirer on form and technology: contemporary readings, at Chalmers Architecture on Tuesday 20 November.

16.00 Ingvild Folkvord (NTNU): "Reading Ernst ” Cassirer from the present: on Form and technology”"
16.45 Andrej Slávik (Chalmers): "”Substance and (digital) function: the case of parametric architecture”"
17:30 Break
18.00 The Cassirer lecture 2012, Jean Lassègue (Institut Marcel Mauss, EHESS): "”Semiotic anthropology and the technology of writing: Cassirer’'s legacy”"

The symposium was arranged in collaboration between Chalmers Architecture, the research profile Form and Technology, and the Strong Research Environment Architecture in the Making.

As part of both the development of the environment and as a means to communicate our activities some of the lectures and seminars arranged are available online. Visit our Youtube-channel here.