Architecture in the Making
Architecture as a Making Discipline
and Material Practice

The Changing Shape of Practice

When: September 20, 2013
What: Symposium
Where: Auditorium RunAn, Chalmers

Symposium Topics

Architectural practices worldwide have to deal with increasingly complex design requirements. How do practices acquire the ability to do so? This oneday symposium will focus on the increasing integration of research undertaken in architectural practices of different sizes all over the world.

What kinds and forms of knowledge are needed and produced in different types of practices? How are results, new knowledge and competences documented, shared and disseminated internally as well as externally?

New strategies are today developed in relation to sustainability as well as interand transdisciplinary research efforts, and other competences are needed in architectural practice. Is research itself now used as a strategic tool by architectural offices? What does this mean for education and research training? How is architectural research shaped by practice, and how is in turn architectural practice changed? The symposium will address the questions above by showing and discussing some examples of research taking place in architectural practice, how it is organized and facilitated within the structure of the practices, and how it is related to their specific scope of work.

The symposium is arranged by Architecture in the Making in collaboration with Chalmers Architecture, RCAT Research Centre of Architecture and Tectonics, AHO – the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, OCEAN Design Research Association, and the Swedish Association of Architects.

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