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Architecture as a Making Discipline
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Developing Making Scholarship. Research Practices and Concepts in Creative Fields and Disciplines

Nilsson, Fredrik. Dunin-Woyseth, Halina.

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This project will present and discuss certain developments in establishing field-specific scholarship within architecture, design and the arts. The aim is that the project will result in a book which will address how a more established and “self-confident” scholarly culture have matured in several schools of architecture in Belgium, Sweden and Norway, where the authors have had the opportunity to teach at the level of doctoral studies. The intention of the book is that each period studied will be illustrated by cases of “excellent research practice” which we regard to have played the role of turning points in the development of the recent decades.

The book project builds partly on the authors’ own writings from the period 2001–2012, which will be further contextualized and put into relation to theoretical and practical developments during the time period as well as supplied by commentaries on certain models of understanding what field-specific research in creative practices could be.

The project intends to inform younger practitioners and practice-based scholars about the near history of research education in creative practices as well as strengthen their awareness about the dynamic fields of practice and research in their continuous interplay, changing notion of what is being regarded as “good research”, and the changes of epistemological stances occurring over time. The project also aims at contributing to the ongoing developments of theoretical and methodological frameworks for research in creative fields, with the objectives to support the elucidation of knowledge in the making disciplines, and to strengthen the field-specific research based in creative practices in relation to other disciplines.


Fredrik Nilsson,architect SAR/MSA, PhD, Professor of Architectural Theory at Chalmers University of Technology, and Partner and Head of Research and Development at White Arkitekter AB. Research profile mainly directed to contemporary architecture, architectural theory and philosophy with a special interest in the epistemology of architecture, design theory and the implications of technology for the interaction between conceptual thinking, practical design work and production. He has taught and lectured at several schools for architecture and design in the Nordic countries, and was senior professor at Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels, 2007-2009. Nilsson is author and editor of several books and frequently publishes articles, architectural criticism and reviews of books.

Halina Dunin-Woyseth, architect, PhD, and professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). Since 1990 she has been the founding head of the AHO’s Doctoral Programme and she has contributed to establishing a new doctoral programme in culture studies at the Telemark University College (2011-2012). Her main research interests are various issues of knowledge in the design professions, epistemology of architecture and philosophy of science. In the 1990s she introduced the concept of “making knowledge” and “making disciplines”, which has been, further on, developed in Scandinavian co-operation. She has been the founder and (co-)editor of the journal “Research Magazine” since 1991. She has a broad teaching and research practice from Scandinavia and other countries, and has been guest professor at several universities internationally, most recently at Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels, the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. She has lectured and published extensively, been commissioned as an evaluator by several research councils in Scandinavia, and supervised PhD students in Norway and abroad.


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