Architecture in the Making
Architecture as a Making Discipline
and Material Practice

Tactics and experiments of algorithmic techniques in contemporary architectural design

Zboinska, Malgorzata

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Parametric Architecture: Cardboard Box Installation. Zboinska, M. June 2013.
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Get inspired ! Cardboard architecture. Zboinska, M. July 2013.
Get inspired ! Cardboard architecture [link]Paper   link   bibtex   abstract  
Towards an integrated formation model for digital design: A theoretical framework. Zboinska, M. 2013.
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“The practical implementation of the integrated digital design formation model: Method and effects. Zboinska, M. 2013.
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The impact of digital formation tools on contemporary free-form architecture. Zboinska, M. 2013.
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Complex architectural geometry in the past and in the present: A comparison of knowledge, tools and design outcomes. Zboinska, M.; and Seelow, A. M. 2013.
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