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A Biologically-centered Framework in Urban Foodscapes

Orru, Anna Maria

Project Contact:
Project Type: Doctorate
Project Period: 201209-201709


The project covers the distinct topics of food, architecture, senses and urbanism, explored through the distinct study of organoleptic qualities in urban foodscapes, as a way to explore food systems on both the macro and micro levels. Foodscapes refers to food-related places in cities where food is produced, consumed, traded, and distributed. Whereas Urban Organoleptic refers to spaces in cities that are capable of stimulating the senses. In the move to make food more accessible in the urban fabric through a rising movement in urban agriculture, re-imagining the urbanscape as partially a food and farm ’scape’ responds to societal challenges around food security and rising urbanisation, and could render these spaces as active and participatory social entities, producers of new knowledge, as well as places of ecological well-being and awareness towards sustainable urban development. The project aims to create a design programme tailored to meeting the above needs implemented in urban policy, city-making, place-making and communities. These transformative outcomes feed specific sustainable urban development gaps by rendering the inclusion of ‘food’ as an essential urban infrastructure.


"Anna Maria Orru has over 13 years of experience working as a sustainable architect and researcher both in the UK, USA, Sweden and abroad. The foundation of her work is deeply embedded in curating research (R&D), biomimicry, and natural system design, thus providing an innovative approach in the field of sustainable design, art, urbanism and architecture. She believes that nature provides imaginative and creative solutions to the complex issues we are currently grappling within the built environment.

She behaves as a connective tissue, working in the interstitial spaces between disciplines by bringing a variety of diverse disciplines and talents to the table to tackle issues around climate change more creatively; be it through artistic interventions, sensory design or experience design. Currently, she is involved on projects, both research and practice, dealing with food and its relationship to the city. She works on these projects also in collaboration with FoAM, a trans-disciplinary lab situated in Brussels BE, and played an instrumental role in the setup of their Nordic team in 2010 with the initiation of FoAM-Nordica. She has taught in both design and architecture institutions across Sweden. Currently, she will be a PHD Candidate at Chalmers – Department of architecture, to continue research in her fields of interests primarily in Food, architecture, urbanism and ecological well-being."


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